The Lived Places Publishing 2024 Library Collection

The Lived Places Publishing 2024 Library Collection is now available for purchase – 25 titles to add to your institution's collection. See below for links to current collection pricing and a downloadable version (.xls) of the complete title list.

Singing the Landscapes of Queer Self
Gender, Religion, and Community in the Northeastern United States
Author(s): Jessye DeSilva
ISBN 9781916704039
Publication Date:  
A Neurodiverse Journey in Social Entrepreneurship
Embracing the Spectrum
Author(s): Mathew Townsend
ISBN 9781916985261
Publication Date:  
A Neurodivergent Blogger
Posts Highlighting Lived Experience of Self-Determination, Pride, and Empowerment
Author(s): Yenn Purkis
Collection: A Disability Studies
ISBN 9781916985384
Publication Date:  
Punk Rock Women Alive and Well in South Philly
Friends Are the Family You Choose
Author(s): Anne Cecil
ISBN 9781916985032
Publication Date:  
Re-imagining Potential
Mature Female Students Attending a College-based Higher Education Establishment in the UK
Author(s): Jacqueline Dodding
Collection: Education Studies
ISBN 9781916704954
Publication Date:  
On Being Neurodivergent and Mentoring Autistic Students in Higher Education
Breaking Down the Barriers of Exclusion
Author(s): Jorik Mol
ISBN 9781916704619
Publication Date:  
Harm to Healing
A Pathway to Abolition
Author(s): Felicia Carbajal
Collection: Carceral Studies
ISBN 9781916704589
Publication Date:  
Getting out of South Carolina’s Juvenile Justice System
Education for Young Incarcerated Offenders
Author(s): Kimberly Nolan
ISBN 9781916704459
Publication Date:  
Mental Health and the Penal State
Deinstitutionalization and the Criminalization of the Mentally Ill
Author(s): Ian Cummins
ISBN 9781916704343
Publication Date:  
Untapped Talent
A Practical Guide for Hiring and Retaining Neurodivergent Staff
Author(s): Aron Mercer
Collection: Disability Studies
ISBN 9781916704251
Publication Date:  
Infants, Children, and Youth
Multi-sited Stories of Adversity from South Asia to Australia
ISBN 9781916704060
Publication Date:  
Romania, Romanians, and Tsinghua University
Eastern Europe in China
Author(s): Radu Sava
Collection: Asian Studies
ISBN 9781916704237
Publication Date:  
Making Masculinities, Fashioning Femininities
Gender, Performance, and Lived Experience in Java, Indonesia
Author(s): Christina Sunardi
ISBN 9781916704190
Publication Date:  
Trans(formations) and Tenderness
Rhetorics and Resources to Support Transgender Youth in the US
ISBN 9781915734747
Publication Date:  
Queerness in a Canadian Context
Accounting for the Self, Locating the Body
Author(s): Kael Reid
ISBN 9781915734808
Publication Date:  
Latinidad, Identity Formation, and the Mass Media Landscape
Constructing Pocho Villa
Author(s): Gabriel A. Cruz
Collection: Latinx Studies
ISBN 9781915734785
Publication Date:  
The Resilient Teacher
Creating Positive Change through Inclusive Classrooms
Collection: The Education Studies
ISBN 9781915734440
Publication Date:  
The Cost of Safety
Central American Young People's Notions of Home
Author(s): Mirna Carranza
Collection: The Latinx Studies
ISBN 9781915734112
Publication Date:  
Czechoslovakia's Cold War Refugee Children
A Lifecourse Perspective
Author(s): Miriam Potocky
ISBN 9781915734709
Publication Date:  
Aging In and Out of Place
Lived Experiences of Forced Migration Across the Life Course
ISBN 9781915734600
Publication Date:  
The Reparations Project
A Story of Friendship and Repair Work by Linked Descendants of Enslavement
Collection: The Black Studies
ISBN 9781916704084
Publication Date:  

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