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Social Identity is most profoundly experienced in the context of place. Black students bussed into predominantly white schools in the 1970s understood this. Women holding board seats in Fortune 500 companies understand this. Disabled people living in rural locations understand this. Transgender people in the workplace understand this.

University curriculum and the research experience of so many faculty reveal this intersection of identity and location. Here are but a few examples of dissertation topics that would provide rich, teachable content:

  • Hip hop in Islam: Race, self-making, and young Muslims in Chicago
  • Disability in the Mountains: Culture, Environment, and Experiences of Disability in Ladakh, India
  • The Making of Hawaii’s Interracial Working Class

At Lived Places Publishing we aim to publish applied, concise course readings that help faculty illuminate the experience of social identity and the lived places we share.

Lived Places Publishing is led by collection editors with deep experience as researchers and teachers in their area of expertise. Our collection editors guide our authors through the writing and publication process, always with an eye to creating accessible and insightful course-aligned readings.

And at Lived Places Publishing, our mission is to foster open access, affordability, and broad accessibility though our library-first collection publishing model, which features:

  • Whole Ebook Interlibrary Loan
  • Zero digital rights management
  • Perpetual access and unlimited access
  • 5% of all sales directed toward funding open access at author’s request

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