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Dr Dong Wang

Dong’s Vision for the Collection

Dong’s Vision for the Collection

The Lived Places Publishing Asian Studies Collection aims to increase our understanding of Asians in the world and the students of the world’s understanding of Asia. Our exploration of the people of Asia includes the Asian- and Indo-Pacific and the Asian Arctic regions. Books in the Asian Studies Collection will explore stories of people’s experiences in Asia through lived places, tangible and intangible, and a multitude of angles and perspective.

Past and present lives have always unfolded in places, be they physical or imagined. This book collection intends to root our knowledge of Asian politics, economies, societies, ethnicities, religions, military affairs, law, medicine, technologies, and cultures in the places where people live—not in the abstract “nonplace” of the Asian region or diaspora. Which meanings do we attach to the places we live? How do lived experiences within Asia change the way one looks at oneself and others? Do narratives and histories enchant places or do places enchant their inhabitants?

We seek empirically driven manuscripts of 30,000-60,000 words that bear individual and/or collective voices with compelling lived stories involving Asia, the Asian diaspora, and/or others living in Asian places. For seasoned writers, my role as collection editor will be that of occasional progress-checker, deadline-reminder, and draft reader. For first-time writers, my role will be that of co-strategist, frequent draft commentator, and general encourager. For those in-between, we will come up with an arrangement that will permit authorial freedom and editorial feedback.


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About the Collection Editor

About the Collection EditorDr Dong Wang specializes in U.S.-China relations, Chinese history, China's foreign relations, geoculture, and geopolitics. She is a naturalized American citizen since 2006 and permanent German resident with bases in the Boston area, Mass. and Northwest Germany. Dr Wang is visiting professorial fellow at Freie Universität in Berlin, collection editor of Asian Studies at Lived Places Publishing (New York and the UK), H-Diplo review editor, director of the Wellington Koo Institute for Modern China in World History (Germany and USA), a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, an elected Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and distinguished professor of history at Shanghai University (2016-2022). A recipient of fellowships respectively from the Pew Charitable Trusts (1993-98) and the European Institute for Chinese Studies Paris/L’Institut d’études avancées de Paris (2020-21) and co-director of a 2014-15 U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities program, she has been a research associate at the Fairbank Center of Harvard University since 2002. She conducts original research in Chinese, English, French, German, and Japanese while studying Russian, Turkish and Spanish.

Her English-language books include Tse Tsan Tai (1872-1938): An Australian-Cantonese Opinion Maker in British Hong Kong (2023), Longmen’s Stone Buddhas and Cultural Heritage: When Antiquity Met Modernity in China (2020), The United States and China: A History from the Eighteenth Century to the Present (2013, winner of The American Library Association’s “Choice Top 25 Outstanding Academic Titles”; 2nd and rev. ed. 2021, Amazon bestseller 2022), Managing God’s Higher Learning: U.S.-China Cultural Encounter and Canton Christian College (Lingnan University), 1888-1952 (2007), and China’s Unequal Treaties: Narrating National History (2005, an amazon Germany bestseller 2013). Among other edited works, she edited The United States, Asia, and the Pacific, 1815-1919, which was published in The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Guide: An Annotated Bibliography of American Foreign Relations since 1600 (2017, rev. ed. 2022).


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