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Collection Editors:
Dr Nila Ginger Hofman & Dr Janise Hurtig

Nila & Janise's Vision for the Collection

Cultural Anthropology The Cultural Anthropology Collection aims to engage with places and people to advance understanding of critical problems (environment, poverty, gentrification, nationalism, gender/sexual discrimination, etc.) around the world. Anthropology is a holistic discipline that considers the collective lived experiences and the sociocultural underpinnings of places and people. Viewed through the lens of cultural anthropology, “Lived Places” include physical, geopolitical, as well as institutional, structural, and systemic locations — places that derive their significance from, and reciprocally afford meanings to, the people and practices that take place within these locations. We welcome submissions from authors employing an intersectional approach, viewing themselves as artists, social scientists, activists, engendering advocacy and cultural theory building. The collection aims to be inclusive of different places, ideas, and identities.

As collection editors, we consider manuscripts that are informed by ethnographic and interdisciplinary methods and that offer detailed accounts of various topics and places. We will monitor progress on your draft, offer suggestions where appropriate, and respect authorial freedom. Primarily, our editorial role is to offer guidance in supporting the completion of quality manuscripts whose evidence-based content illuminates the mutual construction of places and identities, and in that way informs the human condition.

For seasoned writers, our role as collection editors will be that of occasional progress-checker, deadline-reminder, and draft reader. For first-time writers, our role will be that of co-strategist, frequent draft commentator, and general encourager. For those in-between, we will come up with an arrangement that will permit authorial freedom and editorial feedback.


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About the Collection Editors:

Dr Nila Ginger Hofman head shotDr Nila Ginger Hofman is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Community Service Studies at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, US. She researches urban populations, focusing specifically on labor and gender. Addressing the impact of changing political economies on work cultures, she has authored articles and books detailing the working lives of communities in Chicago, US; Mérida, Mexico; Pune, India, and Zagreb, Croatia. 

Headshot of Dr Janise Hurtig Dr Janise Hurtig is an educational anthropologist and community educator and researcher. Her teaching and writing take place at the intersections of adult and popular education, gender and feminism, community development and social change in the Chicago area and in Venezuela. Janise received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Michigan. She is currently part-time faculty in DePaul University’s School for Continuing and Professional Studies, coordinator of the Community Writing Project, and an adult educator at the Howard Area Community Center.

Call for Proposals:

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