Disability Studies Collection

Collection Editors:
Dr Jennifer Smith-Merry
Dr Damian Mellifont

Our Vision for the Collection

The Disability Studies Collection aims to increase understanding and advance the social and economic inclusion of people with disability. The collection welcomes titles that examine and illuminate lived experiences across all types of disability (e.g., physical, psychosocial, intellectual, acquired brain disorder, vision, hearing).

We invite authors to share personal or collective lived experiences with disability in any geographic or conceptual or physical ‘place’ (e.g., employment, accommodation, community, intersectional context, environment, country or region) across the globe. Places are not limited to physical locations and may include social institutions (e.g., disability in family, economy, government, politics, religious, legal, mass media). The collection itself therefore endeavours to be inclusive of diverse places where barriers to a more inclusive world for people with disability are not only recognised, but importantly, are challenged.

As collection editors, we will consider manuscripts that are informed by methods and that offer detailed accounts of living with disability in various places, intended to support global curriculum. We will monitor progress on your draft, offer suggestions where appropriate, and respect author freedoms in their sharing of lived experiences. Primarily, our role is to offer guidance in supporting the completion of quality manuscripts whose evidence-based content informs about how to make places more inclusive of people with disability. We strongly encourage people to write about their own lived experiences of disability.

Proposal Guidelines

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Books in this Collection

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About the Collection Editors

Dr Jen Smith-Merry is Director of the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the University of Sydney, Australia. The Centre for Disability Research and Policy produces collaborative research that actively influences policy and practice to improve the lives of people with disability in Australia and the Asia-Pacific and create a better life for people with disability around the world. Jen strongly believes that academic research, policy and service design should be led by people with disability. Jen has published over 100 academic and policy papers and policy focused research has led to significant structural reforms for disability policy in Australia.

As a neurodivergent researcher, Dr Damian Mellifont leads and contributes to studies that advance the economic and social inclusion of people with disability. Damian is a member of the Centre for Disability Research and Policy (CDRP) leadership team at The University of Sydney and head of the Lived Experience Research Lab. Damian has been an active member of the Centre over the last 5 years, with extensive prior experience in government policy analysis and evaluation. Damian strongly advocates for the disability inclusion mantra of, ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ to be consistently applied to research about disability.

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