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Janise’s Vision for the Collection

Janise’s Vision for the Collection Whether we conceptualize education as the interchange of teaching and learning, or as the production, sharing, and transformation of knowledge and abilities, education is always situated – spatially, socially, politically, historically. The situated quality of education is as true of formal education in bounded classroom settings, as it is of educational experiences that occur through ritual practices, recreational activities, community development, workforce training, or social movements.

The Education Studies collection focuses on the place(s) of education in the making of social selves. Contributions to the collection will explore educative spaces, (broadly conceived) as practices of teaching and learning – of knowledge production, legitimation, or contestation – that create, contest, normalize, and challenge social identities and the hierarchies in which they participate. The collection aims to represent a wide range of educational spaces in which diverse social identities and social inequities are produced, challenged, and reimagined, and in varied geographical places and cultural contexts within and beyond the United States.

Contributions to the collection may approach the theme from a range of disciplinary perspectives in the social sciences and humanities, and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged. Methodologically, these may be individual or comparative case studies, life histories, ethnographies, or autoethnographies. Regardless of disciplinary orientation or methodological approach, the work should be grounded in rich, qualitative studies that bring educational practices/processes to life as situated experiences – whether of individuals or groups; of children, youth, or adults; in classrooms, communities, workplaces, or virtual settings.

As collection editor, I will provide occasional feedback on drafts in ways that reflect the spirit of the collection while respecting your authorial freedom. I will also check in periodically on your progress based on a mutually agreed-upon timeline. Most importantly, my role will be to support you in the development and completion of your manuscript.

A Deeper Dive into the Collection:

Dr. Janise Hurtig lays out her vision for a new collection of the rich stories, vignettes, and accounts drawn from the experiences of those individuals (and groups) who are the protagonists of the educational practices of today and the future.

Dr. Janise Hurtig is seeking authors to contribute proposals for book in this collection. Here she explores some possible topic areas and provides ideas and inspiration for possible submissions.

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About the Collection Editor:

Editor Dr Janise Hurtig is an educational anthropologist and community educator and researcher. Her teaching and writing take place at the intersections of adult and popular education, gender and feminism, community development and social change in the Chicago area and in Venezuela. Janise received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Michigan. She is currently part-time faculty in DePaul University’s School for Continuing and Professional Studies, coordinator of the Community Writing Project, and an adult educator at the Howard Area Community Center.

Call for Proposals:

Ready to get started? Please fill out this form to contact Janise directly with any questions, or download our proposal guidelines to begin the process immediately.