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Collection Editor:
Dr Drew Harris

Drew’s Vision for the Collection

Drew’s Vision for the Collection Most coverage of entrepreneurship is focused on the scalable, investable ventures or “main street” ventures – those that rely upon personal (or personally connected) funding and are tied to place (retail, services, construction, etc.). We develop and teach models that fit a “normal” audience. But, what about all the undertakings that are not “normal”, that occur in places unexplored in traditional entrepreneurship textbooks

The Emergent Entrepreneur Collection will illuminate the lived experiences of entrepreneurs who do not neatly fit our models, or for whom the traditional models don’t work. When entrepreneurs come from an economically underserved community, what opportunities do they have, or are limited from, because of their circumstances? Do prevailing entrepreneurial models work equally across genders, races, and national origins? What can we learn from grey- and black-market entrepreneurs? How do incarcerated persons engage in entrepreneurial ventures – both during incarceration and after? How do entrepreneurs operate in politically unstable environments, with little community infrastructure, unstable banking, rampant corruption, and overbearing governmental bureaucracies? Most importantly, what can we learn and find useful from examining the lived experience of entrepreneurs at the edge?

Increasingly, students of entrepreneurship do not feel that they fit descriptions of “normal entrepreneurs” that they read about in traditional textbooks. Perhaps a richer and more complex understanding of entrepreneurship rooted in the places and unique social identities of people will give students and prospective entrepreneurs hope, a potential map, and a place from which to undertake their entrepreneurial dreams and desires. This is the aim of the Emergent Entrepreneur collection.

A Deeper Dive into the Collection:
Entrepreneurship in Places Unexplored

Entrepreneurship studies tend to fit a certain mould – but what about those who don’t? Collection editor Drew Harris explores.

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About the Collection Editor

About the Collection Editor Dr Drew Harris teaches Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and was the first President of the Connecticut Consortium of Entrepreneurship Educators (a division of the Entrepreneurship Foundation). He earned his Ph.D. in management from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Drew’s research centers on the role formal privileges (those written into law or organizational rules) play in skewing outcomes in organizations, communities and states. Central to his work as teacher and mentor is being grounded in place and developing the others’ potential at the intersection of person, physical space and place in time.

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