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Faculty are increasingly seeking materials from a broader, more diverse range of authors and subject areas to augment their courses and meet the needs of their students. 

Lived Places Publishing (LPP) exists to support faculty in this goal. We publish applied and concise course reading material in interdisciplinary collections. Each title we publish explores the intersection of identity and place, humanizing an issue through lived experience(s).

Student access and affordability is top-of-mind for most faculty as well. That's why we make our complete annual collection of titles available to your university library. The LPP Library Collection includes unlimited access and unlimited user ebooks, which really helps in keeping direct costs to students at zero. 

The collection pricing for the university is very low on a per-title basis. And your campus librarian will appreciate the fact we offer ebook interlibrary loan (ILL) rights, no restrictions on printing and downloading, and that a percentage of each sale goes to supporting our funding of author-selected open access.

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Published and forthcoming from Lived Places Publishing

        1. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) in UK schools: A parent’s perspective by Dr Carrie Grant (h.c.) MBE – published May 2022
        2. Imposed identities and British Further Education: The experiences of learners classified as "low ability" by Dr Javeria Shah – published June 2022
        3. Supporting patients living with dementia during a pandemic: Digital theatre and educational spaces by Dr Nicola Abraham & Ma. Victoria Ruddock BSN – published July 2022
        4. To be a Marma: A passionately lived identity on the borderlands between Bangladesh and Myanmar by Dr Farhana Hoque – published August 2022
        5. Gifting resilience: A pandemic study of Black female resistance by Dr Linda Jean Hall – published September 2022
        6. Improving the experience of health care for people living with sensory disability: Knowing what is going on by Dr Annmaree Watharow MD, PhD – published February 2023
        7. Spies in British controlled Singapore: Policing the Japanese, 1921-1941 by Dr Edward Drea – published February 2023
        8. A life lived well as a non-binary and Autistic mental health advocate: Finding a place of hope by Yenn Purkis – published February 2023
        9. No place for autism?: Exploring the solitary forager hypothesis of autism in light of place identity by Jim Hoerricks – published February 2023
        10. From sleepless in Seattle to I Seoul you: Korean gay men and cross-cultural encounters in transnational times by Seuta Ľafili Dr Patrick Thomsen – forthcoming March 2023
        11. Displacement, (de)segregation, and dispossession: Race-class frontiers in the transition to high school by Dr Rebecca Alexander – forthcoming Summer 2023
        12. Music and Black community in segregated North Carolina: “It’s all right…” by Dr Gregory Freeland – forthcoming April 2023
        13. Students, teachers, families, and a socially just education: Rewriting the grammar of schooling to unsettle identities by Professor Julie Allan & Dr Francesca Peruzzo – forthcoming April 2023
        14. My Precious Legacy: Slave Culture in the American South by Dr Deirdre Foreman – forthcoming Summer 2023
        15. Parents as Advocates: Supporting K-12 Students and their Families Across Identities by Dr Liz Dempsey Lee – forthcoming May 2023
        16. Queer Asian identities in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand: One foot out of the closet by Sidney Gig-Jan Wong – forthcoming Summer 2023
        17. Tse Tsan Tai (1872–1938): An Australian-Cantonese opinion maker in British Hong Kong by Dr Dong Wang – forthcoming Summer 2023
        18. (Re)constructing memory, place, and identity in twentieth century Houston: Sangre Mexicano, corazon Chicano by Dr Louis Mendoza – forthcoming Summer 2023
        19. Encountering race and racism in New Zealand: Personal stories from two former African and Asian international students by Dr Wendy Choo & Dr Temitope Adelekan – forthcoming Summer 2023
        20. Growing up undiagnosed: Surviving childhood in New York City as an undiagnosed Autistic by Becca Lory Hector – forthcoming
        21. Spatialising queer pedagogies: Learning queerness from the global South by Dr Awino Okech, Dr Sophie Chamas, & Ghiwa Sayegh – forthcoming
        22. Stories of Black Female Identity in the Making: Queering the Love in Blackness by Dr Kadian Pow – forthcoming June 2023
        23. Stuck outside: The limits of progressive criminal legal system reform in an inequitable society by Andrew Taylor – forthcoming
        24. Embodied struggles: Feminicide and gender violence in Latin America by Joana Perrone – forthcoming
        25. My name is: Is your name a gift or a burden? by Dr Javeria Shah – forthcoming
        26. The barbarian’s wife: The brilliant Tiun girl of Go-Kho-Khin by Dr Mark Dodge – forthcoming
        27. Doing contemporary womanist research: A Black female scholar's perspective by Dr Jan Etienne – forthcoming
        28. The cost of safety: Central American young people notions of home by Dr Mirna Carranza – forthcoming
        29. Lived experience leadership in trans communities: Skin in the game by Dr Jay Stewart – forthcoming
        30. Feminist scholars' experiences in decolonizing the curriculum: Race, class, and identity in narrative by Dr Jan Etienne – forthcoming
        31. Ethiopian family's journey of entrepreneurship in the US: A story of determination, resourcefulness, and faith by Yoni Medhin – forthcoming
        32. How Taiwan awakens the imagination of young Africans by Charles Akwen – forthcoming
        33. Inspiring transformation?: Stories about social justice practices arising in dark times by Dr Cindy Horst – forthcoming
        34. Body as place: Navigating Autistic relationality through contact improvisational dance by Paris Simone Mágdala Antillón – forthcoming
        35. In our words: Stories from the intersection of LGBTQ identity and disability by Yenn Purkis & Wayne Herbert – forthcoming
        36. More sinned against than sinning: A feminist appraisal of women in the British criminal justice system by Becky Shepherd – forthcoming
        37. Experiences of People with Disabilities on their Path to and in Employment in South Africa by Liändrie Steffens – forthcoming
        38. Dalip Singh Saund: Indian Nationalist, American Patriot by Dr Michael Andrew Davis – forthcoming
        39. Mr Tyree: A Prisoner's Journey from Convicted Murderer to Poet by Maurice Tyree and Dr Katie Singer – forthcoming
        40. Parables of Latinx and Mixed Ancestry by Dr D. Emily Hicks – forthcoming
        41. Queerness and Identity in Healthcare: Practice Recommendations for Culturally Responsive Care by Aleister Avenmarch – forthcoming
        42. Social Spaces for Older Queer Adults by Dr David Betts – forthcoming
        43. Straddling White and Black Worlds by Dr Paul Clement Reck – forthcoming
        44. The Resilient Teacher: Creating Positive Change through Inclusive Classrooms by Dr Sarah L. Schlessinger – forthcoming
        45. The Third Sense: Dual Sensory Impairment and Older Adults by Dr Annmaree Watharow and Dr Moira Dunsmore – forthcoming
        46. Ageing In and Out of Place by Dr Christina Clark-Kazak
        47. Black Family Enterprise and Community in Segregated North Omaha by Dr Valandra
        48. Czechoslovakia's Cold War Refugee Children by Dr Miriam Potocky
        49. Trans(formations) and Tenderness by Dr Prathim-Maya Dora-Laskey 
        50. Experiences of Being an Autistic Foster Care Giver Working with UK Social Services by Megan Tanner
        51. Latinidad, Identity Formation, and The Mass Media Landscape by Dr Gabriel A. Cruz 
        52. Queerness in a Canadian Context by Dr Kael Reid

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