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Collection Editors:
Professor T. Alexander Aleinikoff and Professor Laura Hammond

Alex and Laura's Vision for the Collection

The Forced Migration Studies Collection. Collection editors: Professor T. Alex Aleinikoff and Professor Laura Hammond. “Lived Places” has a special meaning for refugees and other displaced persons because it can refer to a remembered home, a temporary camp or settlement, or a new community—or all of these places simultaneously. Facing an uncertain future, they must negotiate with states, non-governmental and international organizations, smugglers, host communities and others in the search and struggle for home.

The Forced Migration Collection is guided by the conviction that the study of displacement must be conceived and undertaken with the participation of those who have been compelled to leave their homes and communities. It will seek titles that examine forced migration from the ground up, from the lived lives of refugees, asylum-seekers and the internally displaced. We welcome submissions from authors writing about displacement from their lived experiences and from researchers focusing on narratives of individual or collective displacement.

For seasoned writers, our role as collection editors will be that of occasional progress-checker, deadline-reminder, and draft reader. For first-time writers, our role will be that of co-strategist, frequent draft commentator, and general encourager. For those in-between, we will come up with an arrangement that will permit authorial freedom and editorial feedback.

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About the Collection Editors

Alex Aleinikoff sits, smiling into the camera, holding a book on his lapProfessor T. Alexander Aleinikoff JD is University Professor and Director of the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility at The New School. His research focusses on immigration and refugee law and policy, at the local, national and global level. Alex's books include The Arc of Protection: Reforming the International Refugee Regime (with Leah Zamore), and Semblances of Sovereignty: The Constitution, the State, and American Citizenship. Before coming to The New School, Alex served as United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees and as professor and Dean at Georgetown University Law Center. He was inducted into the American Academy of Arts of Sciences in 2014.

Headshot of Dr Laura HammondProfessor Laura Hammond PhD is Pro-Director (Pro-Vice Chancellor) of Research and Knowledge Exchange at SOAS University of London and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She has conducted research on food security, conflict, migration and diasporas in and from the Horn of Africa since the early 1990s. She is Head of the London International Development Centre-Migration Leadership Team, Team Leader of the EU Trust Fund’s Research and Evidence Facility on migration and conflict in the Horn of Africa, and Co-Director of the SOAS Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies. She is the author of This Place Will Become Home: Refugee Repatriation to Ethiopia.

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