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Collection Editors:
Dr Jan Etienne & Dr Reham El Morally

Our Vision for the Collection

The Gender Studies Collection. Collection editors: Dr Jan Etienne & Dr Reham El Morally. Lived Places Publishing.

The Gender Studies collection presents stories of gender and intersectionality as course readings to aid students in analyzing gender identity and patriarchal forces from the perspective of those with a determination to see an end to gender discrimination in its various manifestations. 

Women’s rights are central to the collections’ focus, where critical gendered issues, grounded in lived experience are explored. The collection is embedded in community and brings to light experiences of individuals at the sharp end of activism, including stories of struggle, demonstrating the urgency for change in various gendered settings in diverse places around the world. Ultimately the collection brings the stories of women who are on the margins of society, into the mainstream.

In shaping this collection, the theoretical frameworks of critical discourse theories, Global South perspectives, and critical approaches to international relations are fundamental. By doing so, we aim to challenge established norms, question dominant narratives, and pave the way for transformative learning and scholarship.

We are particularly keen on works that illuminate the often "hidden" interconnections between macro-level world politics and their micro-level manifestations on individual lives. By the same token, the collection seeks to spotlight how grassroots activism can reverberate in the corridors of global politics, driving positive systemic change.

We seek authors with inspiring stories of innovative practice and who write through a gendered feminist lens, addressing and challenging interrelated sexist, racist, misogynistic, transphobic, and homophobic agendas. We particularly want to commission works which bring to life the stories of real people, aimed at developing and strengthening global communities. Our collection is not merely an archive of stories; it is a clarion call to authors, activists, and academics who, through their rigorous work, reveal the relationship between the places we live and individual narratives.

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About the Collection Editors

Dr Jan Etienne smiles at the camera

Jan Etienne is a feminist theorist and a Fellow of Birkbeck, University of London, UK, where she earned her PhD in Gender, Social Policy, and Education.   

She is an activist researcher and Chair of the Womanism, Activism, Higher Education Research Network, working alongside community workers on the frontline of activist feminist research.

Dr Etienne has taught on a range of higher education programmes including courses such as Social Justice, Social Policy, Approaches to Social Conflict and Globalisation and Change in Psychosocial Studies.

She is author of several publications including Learning in Womanist Ways; Narratives of First-Generation African Caribbean Women (2016) (IOE Press) and Communities of Activism: Black Women, Higher Education, and the Politics of Representation (2020) (UCL Press)

Dr Reham El Morally smiles at the camera

Reham El Morally is more than just an academic; she is a beacon of hope and a tireless advocate for those pushed to the margins. Rooted in her unwavering commitment to gender equality, political freedom, and social justice, she consistently strives to amplify the voices of the silenced.

Beyond the confines of traditional academia, Dr. El Morally passionately engages in outreach work. Collaborating closely with NGOs, she has been raising awareness about the pervasive issue of sexual harassment, domestic violence, and patriarchal Personal Status Laws in Egypt and across the Middle East. Her endeavors extend beyond advocacy to tangible action, creating safer public spaces for women and marginalized communities.

El Morally has transformed her classrooms into sanctuaries of safety and empowerment, ensuring they stand as bastions of support for women and all marginalized groups. Her teaching philosophy is anchored in the belief that education should be a tool for empowerment, advocacy, and change.

Reham earned her PhD in International and Rural Development from the University of Reading. She has published extensively, including in the Cambridge Journal of Education and the Journal of Further and Higher Education.

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