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Collection Editor:
Dr. Baz Dreisinger

Baz’s Vision for the Collection

Incarceration Nations Network Collection book cover.

This collection is a collaboration between the Incarceration Nations Network (INN) and Lived Places Publishing (LPP) to broaden the scope of real people's storytelling in Carceral Studies.

The most knowledgeable experts on any government's justice system are the people who have endured it. The LPP/INN collection thus delivers the stories of and by people who have experienced prison firsthand and worldwide and are thus living witnesses to the global catastrophe known as mass incarceration.

Recognizing that the act of bearing witness can take many forms this collection seeks academic memoirs, essay collections, poetry collections, and other forms of ethnographic and autoethnographic tellings that expose the intersection of identity and place. Recognizing, too, that mass incarceration is a global phenomenon, the collection welcomes writers from across the globe and seeks to publish in multiple languages through translation rights and emerging tools.

The Collection Curator’s role will be to work with and support INN’s global justice family, engage with and review submitted proposals and manuscripts, and coordinate an editorial decision-making process that centers people with lived experience, and offer guidance on edits and adjustments, always with an eye toward supporting the author through the entire process of publishing.


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About the Collection Editor

A headshot of Dr Baz Dreisinger.Dr. Baz Dreisinger is Founder and Executive Director of Incarceration Nations Network, a global prison reform and justice reimagining organization. She is also a Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York; author of the critically acclaimed book Incarceration Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World (published in translation in China, Japan, Taiwan, Italy and in Spanish); founder of John Jay’s groundbreaking Prison-to-College Pipeline program; 2018 Global Fulbright Scholar and current Fulbright Scholar Specialist. Dr. Baz speaks regularly about justice issues on international media and in myriad settings around the world.


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