Lived Places Publishing: Institutional Pricing

Prices for individual books are listed on each book's catalog page. You may place an order directly from our site or through any online retailer.

For faculty: You may order directly through your campus bookstore.

For bookstores: Please contact Stephen Belcourt to place an order.

For librarians: We offer our books in annual collections for institutional purchase. Current pricing (effective Mar 1, 2024):


The Lived Places Publishing 2023 Library Collection

40 titles = $2,200

View all titles in the 2023 Collection

Download Complete 2023 Title List (.xls)


The Lived Places Publishing 2024 Library Collection

25 titles = $1,375

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Download Complete 2024 Title List (.xls)


Package: 2023 and 2024 Library Collections

View all titles: 2023 | 2024

65 titles = $3,575

Ordering direct from Lived Places Publishing gets your institution the following: 

  • Lifetime, perpetual access to every book in the collection(s)
  • DRM-free, unlimited user access, and unrestricted PDF download of titles
  • Whole ebook interlibrary loan to one partner institution at a time
  • Up-to-date MARC Records, KBART Records, and COUNTER 5 usage data
  • 5% of your purchase is set aside to fund open access publishing

See complete information about all of the above here in our Librarian Resource Center

If you would like to learn more, please connect with our Sales Director, Stephen Belcourt: Email Stephen