Queer and LGBT+ Studies Collection

Collection Editor:
Seuta’afili Dr Patrick Thomsen

Patrick’s Vision for the Collection

Tied to spaces, places, and contexts in which queerness and divergence emerges, queer and LGBT+ scholars, activists, practitioners, and communities are at the forefront of innovative possibilities and social change. An inherent sense of queerness, and the process of queer and LGBT+ identity formation and articulation is always situated. Our unique positioning in our places, and our multiple lived experiences of marginalization, positions us at the cusp of overlapping social, cultural, political, and historical edges, questioning all that exists and is possible inside and outside our social worlds.

The Queer and LGBT+ Studies Collection draws attention to how gender-sex, sexuality, and queerness is always situated within – shapes and is shaped by – place, culture, age, race, class, gender, dis/ability, colonialism, patriarchy, history, power, aesthetics, religions, heterosexism, and other hierarchies. Contributions are encouraged to demonstrate complexity, movement, and disruption at intersections where queerness, gender-sex, and sexuality divergence encounter, entangle and become embedded within – or challenge – social, cultural, religious, and other identities, experiences, hierarchies, and frameworks.

As well as all queer and LGBT+ scholars, contributions are welcome from social change makers, activists, practitioners, and those whose work fashion social movements, policy, and legislative change in countries and regions across the globe. As a non-normative field, this collection also encourages contributions from artists, poets, creatives, and scholars positioned outside formal institutions whose practices are situated in place and whose praxis is generatively queer.

As collection editor, my role is to enable and provide confidence for authors to contribute in a way that honors the multiple communities, cultures, nations, and peoples they represent and are embedded within. I will support contributors administratively (deadline-reminder and progress checks), and on-request, provide comments on manuscripts in a way that centers contributor voices while providing sensitive and respectful editorial feedback when needed. Most importantly, my job is to work with authors to have their manuscript published.

Proposal Guidelines

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Books in this Collection

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About the Collection Editor

Seuta’afili Dr Patrick Thomsen (he/them) is a Lecturer in Global Studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Patrick is a proud fa’afafine and queer Samoan scholar, educator, and researcher, having received his doctorate from the University of Washington in Seattle. As an interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary scholar, his research interests straddle the lines between queer and LGBT+ Studies, intersectionality, critical race theory, Pacific knowledges, transnationalism, and Korean studies. His research program currently takes in 3 main areas, Pacific Rainbow LGBTQIA+ MVPFAFF+ Wellbeing and human rights; Pacific transnationalism with a specific focus on New Zealand as a site for settler-colonial citizenship identity making; and researching the role and potential of Pacific pedagogies to enhance cultural safety for Pacific students in New Zealand universities.

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