David Parker Presenting at The Charleston Library Conference Nov 7-10

Come Meet David Parker at The Charleston Library Conference, Charleston, SC

November 7-10, 2023

David Parker will be at The Charleston Library Conference in two capacities:

  1. He will be presenting on Friday, November 10th
  2. And part of the Vendor Showcase for Lived Places Publishing on Tuesday, November 7th

SESSION: A Unique Approach to Funding Open Access Ebooks

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10 | 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM | Poinsette Room, Francis Marion Hotel

Funding for open access ebooks has advanced significantly in recent years beyond the book processing charger (BPC). The more recent models, such as Direct to Open (2DO) from MIT Press and Fund to Mission from University of Michigan Press, move away from the BPC and focus on the collective buying power of well-funded institutions, funding agencies, and university provost funds, to effectively underwrite open access for all. But these models, as effective as they are in eliminating BPCs, are vulnerable to a specific critique regarding sustainability and equity. First, as concerns sustainability, university and library budgets and funder mandates are unpredictable and thus are the future of these programs. Second, as concerns equity, if a substantial amount of the funding is coming from well endowed institutions and libraries, can we be certain that the decision regarding which authors from which institutions to publish is not influenced by the majority funders?

At Lived Places Publishing (LPP) we have built a different approach to funding open access that is based on two principles: First, 5% of all revenues generated by the publisher are dedicated to funding open access. Second, authors opt in to open access publishing based on a first in first out selection process that is fully transparent. In this speedy discussion the publisher of LPP will outline the full mechansim behind the funding and selection process for open access publishing and invite questions, comments, and critiques.


  • David Parker: Lived Places Publishing, Publisher and Founder
  • Bill Maltarich: New York University Libraries, Head, Collection Development

VENDOR SHOWCASE: Lived Places Publishing

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7 | 10:00 am – 5:30 pm | Charleston Gaillard Center, 95 Calhoun Street

Come to our booth and meet our Founder and Publisher, David Parker.

To set up a meeting in advance, please EMAIL DAVID directly.

Taking appointments: TUE 11/7, WED 11/8, THU 11/9: In-person & online/phone

Priorities for the conference:

  1. Library Trials: Meet collection development librarians and those librarians who act as department liaisons with faculty. Raise awareness of LPP, and secure new library trial partners. 
  2. Call for Proposals: Find new authors who are interested in writing books for one of our 13 collections – either directly or via recommendations from department liaison librarians.

RESEARCH: Author Identity Metadata: Establishing Top-Level Categories [SURVEY]

We invite you to participate in our brief survey to help establish an author-led set of standards for identity metadata. Please feel free to share this survey with authors, librarians, and publishing professionals – we will be publishing the results of our research. 

About the Publisher

Lived Places Publishing (LPP) is building a catalog of applied and concise course reading material in interdisciplinary collections. Each title we publish explores the intersection of identity and place, humanizing an issue through lived experience(s).

Our 2023 Library Collection is 40 titles. It is delivered with libraries in mind:

  • DRM-free, unlimited user access, and unrestricted PDF download of titles
  • Whole ebook interlibrary loan to one partner institution at a time
  • Affordable, perpetual access pricing with region-appropriate discounts to ensure every university across the globe can own the LPP collection
  • 5% of all sales set aside to fund author-choice open access publishing at our average production cost (actual costs to be published on our website and updated every six months)

As we develop our publishing program, we look forward to more feedback and guidance from the library community. To this end, we are offering open-ended trials throughout 2023.

We are growing quickly, with 19 books published to date and 80+ more in development. 9 institutions have purchased our 2023 Library Collection so far, including Georgetown University, University of Toronto, and Cambridge University.

Each LPP book includes learning objectives, recommended assignments and discussion guides, and is written at a length (100-150 pages) to be completed in 2-3 weeks of a course. Lived Places Publishing books are written to bring theory and concept to life and to illustrate the theories and concepts that underpin the curriculum in each discipline we publish to.

Libraries: Become a trial partner

Authors: Call for proposals

About Our Books

To view our growing catalog:

To view our 2023 Library Collection: (including a downloadable title list)

To view our complete list: (including forthcoming titles)

About Our Mission and Model


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