Electoral Consequences for Black America: A Struggle on Two Simultaneous Fronts

Black Americans are uniquely placed within the phenomenon of American elections. In this conversation between Chris McAuley, Black Studies Collection Editor at Lived Places Publishing and Stephen Graves, author of At War With Politics: A Journey from Traditional Political Science to Black Politics, they examine the upcoming U.S. presidential election through the lens of Black politics. 

When situated within the “struggle” of Black politics, each election presents new opportunities with familiar adversaries and potential consequences. The “struggle” is twofold: 1) African Americans’ attempts for racial, social, and economic justice while simultaneously struggling against 2) the white dominant majority’s maintenance of power, the ability to find viable coalitions with other oppressed and disadvantaged groups, and to see their policy preferences turn into real policy. 

In the upcoming election, new issues such as the weaponization of DEI will replace older strategies scapegoating Black Americans for the declining standing of white Americans. American elections demand that African Americans prepare for the worst regardless of the electoral outcome: Either they become symbols of America’s decline and the depleting influence of white America or witness any progress they’ve made get stripped away. Ultimately, this seminar hopes to revisit traditional strategies while offering insight to new possibilities for Black politics.


  • Stephen Graves, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and The Center of Africana Studies at Oklahoma State University
  • Chris McAuley, UC Santa Barbara (and Black Studies Collection Editor at Lived Places Publishing)   

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