Outside Looking Out
Peripheral Identities in Matsumoto Seicho’s Historical Fiction

Discover translations of Matsumoto Seicho’s historical fiction and how his lived experience influenced the identity of his characters.

Collection: Artists Studies
ISBN 9781916704916





How did Japanese author Matsumoto Seicho’s life influence his writing of historical fiction and the identities of the characters he created?

Known outside of Japan for his mystery novels, Matsumoto Seicho (1909–1992) spent four decades interrogating Japan’s establishment through his writing. In this volume, author Michael Stone Tangeman provides translations of Seicho’s largely untranslated body of historical fiction, and documents how Seicho’s impoverished background far from Tokyo inspired his intriguing everyday characters: a former samurai turned laborer, a disabled would-be scholar, a good-natured gambler, and an old man remembering his long-dead father.

Outside Looking Out highlights the importance of socially realistic characters, as readers identify with the motivations and aspirations of Japan’s working class. This book is ideal reading for students of Literature and Japanese Literature, Creative Writing, Japanese History, and Asian Studies.

Michael Stone Tangeman PhD is an Associate Professor at Denison University

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