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Entrepreneurship in Places Unexplored

Dr Drew Harris outlines his vision for the stories and explorations of entrepreneurs who don’t fit the “norm”, who operate on the margins, or who face challenges that others don’t. 

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Beneath the Veneer: The Stealthy Pervasiveness of Anti-Black Racism in a Purportedly Colorblind Society

by Michael Boezi

In this conversation between Chris McAuley, Black Studies Collection Editor at Lived Places Publishing and Paul Reck, author of How Interpersonal Interactions with Young Black People Forever Altered a White Man’s Understanding of Race, they explore anti-Black racism, the assumptions that uphold it, and why it is often difficult for people to identify and challenge these racist practices.

Author Identity Metadata: Why a Small Publisher Can Address a Major Challenge

by Michael Boezi

David Parker leads a discussion about the potential for developing more robust catalog records and searchable fields in publishers' online catalogs – with author-generated and author-approved identity metadata.

The Cultural Legacy of Slavery: A Reflection on African American Identity and Family Heritage

by Michael Boezi

In this conversation between Chris McAuley, Black Studies Collection Editor at Lived Places Publishing and Deirdre Foreman, author of My Cultural Legacy: Slave Culture and the American South, they explore the cultural legacy of enslaved Africans in the American South through an ethnoautobiographical reflection of Deirdre's own African American identity and family heritage. 

A Different Approach to Funding Open Access eBooks

by Michael Boezi

David Parker (LPP) and Bill Maltarich (NYU) talk about new models that are sustainable, equitable, and most importanly – do not rely on book processing charges (BPC). 

The Risks and Rewards of African Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Africa’s Challenging Landscape

by Michael Boezi

This free seminar features LPP author Ike Onyema Obi, a Nigerian entrepreneur whose path to business success reflects the challenges many emergent entrepreneurs face. He has mastered being resilient and agile in an African context – taking risks and seizing opportunities, filling knowledge voids by learning persistently, and shaping his networks to help grow his businesses.  

David Parker Presenting at Latina/o Studies Association Conference in Tempe (Apr 20)

by Michael Boezi

David Parker, Co-Founder of Lived Places Publishing will be participating in a panel on Publishing in Latinx Studies at this year’s Latina/o Studies Association Conference in Tempe, AZ on April 20.