Embodied Struggles
Feminicide and Gender Violence in Latin America
Author(s): Joana Perrone

Examines the struggle of women and gender nonconforming people against feminicide and a spectrum of violence in Latin America, from the perspective of a Latinx researcher and the communities of struggle they encounter.

ISBN 9781915271358





What do the lived experiences of women in the Latin America tell us about resisting gender violence?

In this reflective account, researcher Joana Perrone explores the issue of feminicide in Latin America, from the cases of murdered and missing women in Ciudad Juarez, to the contemporary issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic. By engaging the stories of collective subjects in this struggle, the book examines the different ways in which violence intersects the lives of women and gender nonconforming people in Latin America, and how they have organised and resisted such violence.

Vital reading for students of gender studies, women’s and womanist studies, Latinx and Latin American studies, and sociology/anthropology, Embodied Struggles brings into focus the connections and obligations between researcher and researched; in this case, a Latinx femme academic and the gendered communities of struggle who are confronting feminicide and other informalized forms of violence in Latin America.

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