Spatialising Queer Pedagogies
Learning Queerness from the Global South

Challenge the understanding of what it means to be queer as broadly defined by the Global North through the lens of queer experiences from the Global South

ISBN 9781915271655

What does it mean to be queer, and how does that meaning change depending on where you are from?

Queer theory in academia is largely dominated by perspectives from the Global North. But we know that location changes the experience and understanding of a whole range of social identities – an individual’s gender identity and sexuality cannot be divorced from the cultures and contexts in which their identities have been formed. In this discursive book, authors Awino Okech, Sophie Chamas, and Ghiwa Samegh seek to challenge the dominant narrative by centering experiences and voices from the Global South.

Ideal reading for students of Queer and LGBT+ Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Global Studies, Cultural Anthropology, and related courses, this course reading will provide an alternative perspective to seeing “data” from the Global South as merely supporting evidence for theories from the Global North.

Awino Okech PhD is Associate Professor of Political Sociology at SOAS, University of London.

Sophie Chamas PhD is Lecturer in Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London.

Ghiwa Samegh is Editor in Chief and founder of Kohl Journal, a journal for body and gender research.

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