Queerness and Identity in Healthcare
Practice Recommendations for Culturally Responsive Care
Author(s): Aleister Avenmarch

Explore the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals in various healthcare settings, alongside helpful guidance for healthcare professionals and allied healthcare workers.

ISBN 9781915271907

What challenges do LGBTQ+ individuals face in healthcare settings, and how best can they be supported by healthcare professionals?

LGBTQ+ individuals face unique challenges when seeking medical and mental health services. Queerness and Identity in Healthcare uses lived experiences of LGBTQ+ patients to consider issues of discrimination and medical abuse. Author Aleister Roan Avenmarch explores topics such as gender affirming practices, care for intersex people, substance use and abuse, disability, race, and religion. By providing a patient-centred perspective, this book offers recommendations that can improve culturally responsive care and allow professionals to better support the LGBTQ+ community.

Discussing themes of resilience, empowerment, identity, and trust, this book is ideal reading for students of Medicine, Healthcare, and related courses, Counselling, Psychology, Social Work, LGBTQ+ Studies, Cultural Studies, and Education Studies, as well as clinicians, healthcare professionals, and social support workers in training and in practice.

Aleister Roan Avenmarch (he/they) is a queer mental health therapist practicing in a crisis setting in Appalachian Ohio. Aleister is passionate about increasing health equity by expanding education on culturally competent, trauma-informed care.

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