Gender, Identity, and Neurodiversity
The Marginalization of Female Students with Special Needs
Author(s): Kate Carr-Fanning

Explore the long-term impact on women and girls with AD(H)D of experiencing marginalisation in education.

ISBN 9781915734921





How are women and girls with AD(H)D affected in the long term by their experiences of marginalisation in an educational setting?

Women and girls who who are neurodivergent and whose differences fall under the umbrella term of Social, Emotional, and/or Mental Health support needs (SEMH) can face particular challenges within educational settings. Sitting at the intersection of gendered expectations and assumptions around disability, the effect in school is often one of marginalisation and negative experiences. Drawing from these lived experiences, this book specifically considers AD(H)D in women and girls and how this is experienced in schools, especially post-primary schools in Europe, and how those experiences can affect the beliefs and identities of these women later in life.

Touching on questions of identity, labels and social expectations, gender and disability, stigma and discrimination, this book is ideal reading for teachers and educators in practice and training as well as higher education students of disability studies, education studies, gender studies, and related courses.

Kate Carr-Fanning PhD is a Lecturer in Psychology of Education at the University of Bristol. Kate is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. At present, Kate sits on the Board of ADHD Ireland and the Professional Advisory Boards of ADHD Europe and ADDISS UK.

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