Romania, Romanians, and Tsinghua University
Eastern Europe in China
Author(s): Radu Sava

Explore the lived experiences of five generations of Romanians at China's Tsinghua University, from 1950 onwards.

Collection: Asian Studies
ISBN 9781916704220
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How has the experience of studying at Beijing’s Tsinghua University shaped the way five generations of Romanian students have seen themselves and others?

Through interviews and conversations with Anna Eva Budura, Ștefan Cozma, Gabriel Zlămpăreț, Monica Bataragă, Roxana Moroșanu, and Andreea Diana Manolache, author Radu Sava addresses questions such as:

  • How did China studies come into being and take shape in Romania during the Cold War era?
  • What roles have higher education and Romanian agency played in Sino-Romanian relations since 1950?
  • What did Romania expect of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) at the time and in the new contexts of the post-Socialist era?

A fascinating analysis of experience and impact over time, this book is ideal reading for students of Cold War Studies, Asian Studies, Romanian and Eastern European Studies, Education Studies, and Sociology, as well as university policy makers.

Radu Sava is a PhD candidate at the University of Bucharest in Romania.

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