Promoting and Supporting Minority Language and Identity
Scottish Gaelic Medium Education
Author(s): Ingeborg Birnie

Explore the role of minority language education in contributing to a sense of identity and place in children, focusing on Gaelic Medium Education in Scotland.

Collection: Education Studies
ISBN 9781916704312
  Pages 0

How can incorporating minority languages into the mainstream curriculum foster a sense of place and identity in children?

Around half of all languages spoken today are considered to be endangered. Focusing on Scotland’s Gaelic Medium Education as a case study, author Dr Inge Birnie explores the importance of maintaining and revitalising these languages in education settings, and what this might look like in practice. Specifically considering the impact of such education on children and their caregivers in terms of identity and sense of place and space, the book aims to be a practical guide for educators as well as for those interested in minority language acquisition and community.

Ideal reading for higher education students of Education Studies, Cultural Anthropology, courses and modules in speech and language and child development, Multicultural Studies, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, and related courses, this book will also be a valuable resource for classroom teachers and support workers in practice and in training.

Inge Birnie PhD is a senior lecturer in the Strathclyde Institute of Education, Glasgow. She is an experienced educator and has worked in primary, secondary and early years settings, including minority language immersion contexts in Scotland.

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