Intimacy of Violence
Women and Social Identity in Papua New Guinea
Author(s): Alison Joy Dundon

Explore the legacy and impact of the sexual and gendered violence that shapes women’s lives, bodies, and social identity in Papua New Guinea.

ISBN 9781916704527





What can the lived experiences of women in Papua New Guinea who experience sexual and gendered violence tell us about social identity and transformation?

Drawing from long-term field research in rural Papua New Guinea, author Alison Dundon reflects on the widespread violence perpetrated against women, buttressed by practices and perspectives consistent with specific ideals of masculinity and femininity. Weaving the stories of women experiencing this environment of violence throughout, The Intimacy of Violence focuses on the legacy of gendered aggression through the lens of colonialism, mobility, and institutional structures.

Exploring the themes of gender and sexual violence, challenging institutional structures, and social identity, this book is ideal reading for students of Cultural Anthropology, Gender Studies, Sociology, Politics, History, and Colonialism.

Alison Joy Dundon PhD is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology and Development Studies at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

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