Education is Everywhere: Call for Proposals for LPP’s Education Studies Collection

Everyone Teaches and Everyone Learns

By Dr Janise Hurtig, Collection Editor

The Education Studies collection is comprised of short books focusing on how education shapes identity, and how identities in turn shape educational experiences, in particular places or contexts. We envision the books in this collection serving as supplemental texts/readers for courses in all fields of Education Studies, such as curriculum and instruction, educational policy, sociology of education, justice education, labor education, comparative education, adult education, and more.

The collection is meant to include books about education in the broadest sense, including formal schooling, informal learning, organizing, advocacy, activism, and training. It is our hope that the collection will include authors from around the world, exploring these issues in globally diverse places.

As you consider writing a book for the Education Studies collection, here are some questions to guide your thinking:

  • What should educators know about their students and their students’ communities?
  • How does the school culture shape learners’ educational experiences?
  • How does the school’s context (geographic, instructional, curricular, linguistic, for instance) contribute to the learning experiences and identity development of students? Teachers? Families? Community?
  • How do the identities of students and teachers shape their educational experiences?
  • As an educator, what do you wish that you had known as you prepared to become a teacher, that you feel education students need to know?
  • From your perspective as a teacher, community member, current or former student, teacher educator, parent, what do you want educators to understand?

We are especially interested in books that offer rich, detailed examples focusing on a specific place or context. These contexts could include:

  • a community/neighborhood
  • a specific school or school district
  • a recreational space
  • online
  • a pandemic, war, natural disaster, or other crisis
  • a social movement
  • a prison, hospital, or other institutional space
  • a dojo (martial arts studio)
  • a workplace
  • an arts workshop
  • a family setting
  • a religious or community organization

These are just suggestions to help spark ideas. We certainly encourage you to come up with your own topics and questions. We also strongly encourage collaborative writing and co-authoring.

To submit a proposal, please click here: Call for Authors

To find out more about the vision for the Education Studies collection, or to get in touch with Dr Janise Hurtig, please click here: Education Studies collection

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