Lived Places Publishing Announces First Three Books in their Disability Studies Collection

Lived Places Publishing is proud to announce the release of the first three books in their Disability Studies Collection, aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of disability issues and advocating for a more inclusive society. The three books, Improving the Experience of Health Care for People Living with Sensory Disability by Dr Annmaree Watharow, No Place for Autism? by Dr Jim Hoerricks, and A Life Lived Well as a Non-Binary and Autistic Mental Health Advocate by Yenn Purkis, provide insightful perspectives on the experiences of people living with disability.

David Parker, the founder of Lived Places Publishing, expressed his enthusiasm for the collection, saying, "We are excited to publish these important works that offer a deeper understanding of the experiences of people living with disabilities. These books and this new collection are a critical addition to our mission of improving the scope and range of course reading materials available through the library, and of course our fundamental mission of providing a platform for voices that have been historically underrepresented."

The Disability Studies Collection is edited by neurodivergent researcher Dr Damian Mellifont and Professor Jennifer Smith-Merry, both from the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at The University of Sydney. They both have extensive experience in disability studies and are committed to promoting the rights and inclusion of people living with disabilities worldwide. According to Dr Mellifont, "Our goal is to provide a platform for voices that are often ignored or marginalized, and these books are a powerful testament to the diversity of experiences within the disability community." Dr Mellifont added, “All of our authors are highly valued and respected members of the disability communities about which they write.” 

Professor Jennifer Smith-Merry also said, "All three of these books provide valuable insights and practical guidance that will be of interest to anyone concerned with the wellbeing of people with disability. We hope that they will inspire further conversations and action towards a more inclusive society."

Improving the Experience of Health Care for People Living with Sensory Disability by Dr Annmaree Watharow provides a comprehensive guide for how to get effective communication from a health care provider to reduce disempowerment when accessing healthcare. No Place for Autism? by Dr Jim Hoerricks examines the lack of accessibility and inclusion for people with autism in society and offers practical solutions for creating more welcoming environments. A Life Lived Well as a Non-Binary and Autistic Mental Health Advocate by Yenn Purkis is a memoir that explores the author's experiences, offering a unique perspective on the intersections of gender identity and neurodiversity.

These books are now available for purchase on the Lived Places Publishing website and through major online booksellers. The Disability Studies Collection is growing rapidly, with 7 more titles forthcoming in the next 12 months. For more information about the collection and its goals, please visit

About Lived Places Publishing

Lived Places Publishing (LPP) is an independent publisher that aims to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity by providing a platform for underrepresented voices. Their publications cover a wide range of topics, from disability studies to social justice issues. For more information, visit

LPP just launched their 2023 Library Collection, 40 titles delivered with library-friendly terms: Unlimited access, DRM-free unrestricted use PDF ebooks, and whole-ebook ILL rights. They are currently offering free trials to allow collection librarians to make an informed decision before committing to purchase. For more information about this program:

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