Social Spaces for Older Queer Adults
A Guide for Social Work Educators, Students, and Practitioners
Author(s): David Betts

Develop your understanding of the social and community wellbeing of older queer adults.

ISBN 9781915734051





How do older queer adults navigate space, community, and social environments?

Focussing on the lived experiences of a group of queer adults, often ignored by social policy, community planning, and aged care services, David Betts aims to provide social workers with the tools necessary to support their wellbeing.

Social Spaces for Older Queer Adults compares historical reflections and contemporary experiences. It considers the political and legislative developments in Aotearoa New Zealand regarding sexual and gender diversity, and the influence this has had on the personal wellbeing and sense of community for older queer adults. This book also examines the label of the ‘queer unwanted’, the notion of queer ageing, and the concerns and preparation needed to support the community in these contexts.

Essential reading for providing insight on how to adapt practice to support older queer adults, this book is ideal for practitioners and students of social work and human development, LGBT+ Studies, Psychology, Gender Studies, Community Development Studies, and Gerontology.

David Betts is a Lecturer in the Social Work program in the School of Humanities, Creative Industries, and Social Sciences at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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