In Our Words
Stories from the Intersection of LGBTQIA+ Identity and Disability

Explore the many lived experiences of Disabled people identifying as LGBTQIA+

ISBN 9781915734532
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What can we learn from the lived experiences of Disabled people identifying as LGBTQIA+?

Through a series of personal reflections, In Our Words follows the difficult journeys of a number of Queer and Disabled authors from coming out to arriving at a place of positive identity.

This empowering collection discusses the discrimination and hatred faced by the Queer and Disabled community, and shares how these barriers can be overcome to arrive at a place of self-acceptance and love. By providing examples, this book aims to promote a sense of unity and pride as well as information on representation and building strong, proud identities to make change.

Through tales of self-reflection, insight, and discovery, this book is ideal reading for students of Disability Studies, LGBTQIA+ Studies, Social Work, and Gender Studies as well as Queer Disabled folk.

Wayne Herbert is an international speaker, MC, comedian, and writer. The current Vice President of Meridian, a Canberra community-controlled organisation working to prevent and ameliorate HIV, he also serves on the board of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia. Wayne was nominated as the 2017 Australian Capital Territory Australian of the year for services to the LGBTIQ and Disability communities.

Yenn Purkis (they/them) is an author, public servant and advocate for Autistic people and their families. Living with diagnoses of Autism, ADHD and atypical schizophrenia, Yenn is a frequent speaker on the topics of neurodiversity, mental health, gender, and employment, and facilitates a support group for Autistic women and non-binary people.

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