Latinidad, Identity Formation, and the Mass Media Landscape
Constructing Pocho Villa
Author(s): Gabriel A. Cruz

Explore the journey of constructing a Latino identity though mass media while navigating predominantly white spaces

Collection: Latinx Studies
ISBN 9781915734778

How can mass media be used to help construct a personal sense of Latinidad whilst navigating predominately white spaces?

As the son of a Mexican immigrant man and a white American woman, living in predominately white areas, author Gabriel Arnoldo Cruz shares how his identity was shaped by the socio-cultural forces of whiteness and Latinidad. Grappling with challenges of internalized racism and separation from Latinidad, Gabriel documents how he turned to mass media to help construct his Latino identity.

Latinidad, Identity Formation, and the Mass Media Landscape details the complexities and benefits of the mass media landscape, and how it can ultimately contribute to identity formation.

A journey of identity evolution from youth to adulthood, this book is ideal reading for students of Latinx Studies, Chicanx Studies, Mass Media Studies, Popular Culture, Cultural Anthropology, and Sociology.

Gabriel Arnoldo Cruz PhD is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at North Carolina Central University

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