Aging In and Out of Place
An Ethiopian Family's Journey of Entrepreneurship in the US
A Story of Determination, Resourcefulness, and Faith
Year: 2024 Pages: 350
In Our Words
Stories from the Intersection of LGBTQIA+ Identity and Disability
Year: 2024 Pages: 180
Discovering My Southern Legacy
Slave Culture and the American South
Year: 2024 Pages: 155
Social Spaces for Older Queer Adults
A Guide for Social Work Educators, Students, and Practitioners
Year: 2023 Pages: 205
Straddling White and Black Worlds
How Interpersonal Interactions with Young Black People Forever Altered a White Man’s Understanding of Race
Year: 2023 Pages: 243
Creative Resistance
The Social Justice Practices of Monirah, Halleh, and Diala
Year: 2023 Pages: 337
From Sleepless in Seattle to I Seoul You
Korean Gay Men and Cross-cultural Encounters in Transnational Times
Year: 2023 Pages: 194
Spies in British Controlled Singapore
Policing the Japanese, 1921-1941
Year: 2023 Pages: 152