Cultural Anthropology

To Assimilate or Not to Assimilate: An Anthropologist's Lived Experience

Lived Places Publishing author Dr. Farhana Hoque talks about the “Cycle of Rejection” and the reasons that an immigrant might resist assimilation into their new culture.

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The Risks and Rewards of African Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Africa’s Challenging Landscape

by Michael Boezi

This free seminar features LPP author Ike Onyema Obi, a Nigerian entrepreneur whose path to business success reflects the challenges many emergent entrepreneurs face. He has mastered being resilient and agile in an African context – taking risks and seizing opportunities, filling knowledge voids by learning persistently, and shaping his networks to help grow his businesses.  

David Parker Presenting at Latina/o Studies Association Conference in Tempe (Apr 20)

by Michael Boezi

David Parker, Co-Founder of Lived Places Publishing will be participating in a panel on Publishing in Latinx Studies at this year’s Latina/o Studies Association Conference in Tempe, AZ on April 20. 



Family Advocacy: Zero-Sum Parenting and Educational Equity

by Michael Boezi

Family advocacy varies widely in relation to a family’s social identity and, as educators, we need to walk into the world of family advocacy directly and deliberately. Certain types of "unproductive" advocacy can pull resources and attention away from other forms of meaningful family advocacy.

David Parker & Kadian Pow Presenting at the UKSG Conference in Glasgow (Apr 10)

by Michael Boezi

David Parker, Co-Founder of Lived Places Publishing and Kadian Pow, Birmingham City University, will be presenting on Author Identity Metadata at this year’s UKSG Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, April 8-10. 

From “My Child” to “Our Children” – Fostering Positive Family Advocacy as a Path to Educational Equity

by Eloise Cresswell

A conversation between Liz Dempsey Lee, author of Parents as Advocates: Supporting K-12 Students and their Families Across Identities and Janise Hurtig, Lived Places Publishing Collection Editor. Liz and Janise will discuss how recognizing and addressing family advocacy is critical to creating educational equity. They will also explore how conflict is a normal and expected byproduct of the family-school relationship and how demystifying and educating families around effective advocacy can build relationships and move educational communities from a focus on “my child” to a focus on “our children.”

XanEdu and Lived Places Publishing Partner to Offer 4 New Customizable Collections

by Michael Boezi

XanEdu is offering 4 new customizable collections of Lived Places Publishing books: Black Women's Experiences, Black Family Experiences, Disability Studies, and Education Studies.