Queer Asian Identities in Contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand
One Foot Out of the Closet
Author(s): Sidney Gig-Jan Wong

Explore the intersection of Asian identity and queer identity in Aotearoa New Zealand through the autoethnographic reflections of a Cantonese-Tauiwi queer man.

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ISBN 9781915271488
  Pages 275





A Cantonese-Tauiwi queer man reflects on his lived experiences as a means to explore the intersection of Asian-ness and queerness in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Queer Asian communities in Aotearoa New Zealand can suffer erasure caused by the dominance of whiteness in queer spaces. Written as a deliberate challenge to this invisibility, author Sidney Gig-Jan Wong 黃吉贊 reflects on his life and upbringing in order to explore the intersections of his own identity and ongoing coming out experience, and also highlight the perspectives of a minoritized community.

Ideal reading for students of LGBTQIA+ studies and Asian studies, as well as anthropology and sociology, this book draws on queer theory and the author’s life in a way that personalises concepts and highlights the humanity in the social sciences.

Sidney Gig-Jan Wong 黃吉贊 (he/him, any pronouns with respect) is a PhD candidate at the Geospatial Research Institute Toi Hangarau, University of Canterbury (UC). He has a BSc in Linguistics, Master of Linguistics, and Master of Applied Data Science from UC.

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