Creative Resistance
The Social Justice Practices of Monirah, Halleh, and Diala
Author(s): Cindy Horst
Explore how hope can flourish from the darkest of places with these real stories of inspiring action born out of the devastation of war, oppression, and forced migration.
ISBN 9781915734402
 Publication Date
  Pages 337





How can hope flourish from the devastation of war, oppression, and forced migration?

For the people featured in this book, this is not a philosophical question – it is a lived reality. Drawn from first-hand experience of violent conflict and displacement, the stories in this book belong to three extraordinary individuals who found a path to hope through action in the face of violence.

Ideal reading for academics, artists, and activists who are working around issues of social justice, Creative Resistance highlights the extraordinary actions of ordinary people in dark times.

Cindy Horst PhD is Research Professor in Migration and Refugee Studies and co-director of the PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict.

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