Queerness in a Canadian Context
Accounting for the Self, Locating the Body
Author(s): Kael Reid

Explore the connections between queerness, embodiment, and locality through the lens of collected stories and poetry from a genderqueer musician living in Canada

ISBN 9781915734808

How do queerness, place, embodiment, movement, and relationality connect and intersect within identity?

Through collected stories, lyrics, and poems, genderqueer author Kael Reid explores the messiness and complexity of life and identity. Drawn from the author’s lived experience, this autobiographical collection reflects on identity development, movement, and what it means to inhabit a queer body that is always changing and becoming.

This collection is ideal reading for students of Queer and LGBT+ Studies, English Literature, Canadian Studies, Gender Studies, and related courses.

Kael Reid PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies at York University in Toronto. They are also a genderqueer singer-songwriter and musician.

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