Can Social Entrepreneurship Work in the Rust Belt?
An Ethiopian Family's Journey of Entrepreneurship in the US
A Story of Determination, Resourcefulness, and Faith
Publication Date:
Pages: 350
The Lived Experiences of New Mothers Attending Community Groups in Developing a Sense of Self and Belonging
Publication Date:
Stuck Outside
The Limits of Progressive Criminal Legal System Reform in an Inequitable Society
Publication Date:
Pages: 147
Tse Tsan Tai (1872–1938)
An Australian-Cantonese Opinion Maker in British Hong Kong
Publication Date:
Pages: 290
Gifting Resilience
A Pandemic Study of Black Female Resistance
Publication Date:
Pages: 284
To Be a Marma
A Passionately Lived Identity on the Borderlands Between Bangladesh and Myanmar
Publication Date:
Pages: 264