Inner-City Sissy
Reflections on Life, Love, Peace, and Resistance from a Black Gay Man
Author(s): David B Green

A critical reflection and memoir about growing up African American and queer in inner city settings of the US.

ISBN 9781916704282
  Pages 0

What is it like growing up Black and gay in the inner city?

Author Dr David B. Green Jr critically reflects on this question, and his journey through life to discover joy and meaning, in this affirming memoir. Inner City Sissy is both a Dear Young Me letter and a love note to Black queer people “from the hood” as it touches on themes of identity, music, acceptance, and resistance through the life course from childhood to adulthood.

Ideal reading for students of Black and African American Studies as well as Queer & LGBT+ Studies, Sociology, literature and musicology, and related courses, this book brings lived experience to the studies of identity formation and intersectionality.

David B. Green Jr PhD is an Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at California State University, Los Angeles.

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