African American
Inner-City Sissy
Reflections on Life, Love, Peace, and Resistance from a Black Gay Man
Book Year: 2030 Pages: 0
Reparations Project
A Story of Friendship and Repair Work by Linked Descendants of Enslavement
Book Year: 2030
A Multiracial Experience
One Man's Search for Race, Identity, and Family
Book Year: 2023 Pages: 255
Straddling White and Black Worlds
How Interpersonal Interactions with Young Black People Forever Altered a White Man’s Understanding of Race
Book Year: 2023 Pages: 243
Discovering My Southern Legacy
Slave Culture and the American South
Book Year: 2024
Mr Tyree
A Prisoner's Journey from Convicted Murderer to Poet
Book Year: 2030
Gifting Resilience
A Pandemic Study of Black Female Resistance
Book Year: 2022 Pages: 286
At War With Politics
A Journey from Traditional Political Science to Black Politics
Book Year: 2023 Pages: 206