Always Bring Your Sunglasses
Stories From a Life Of Social and Sensory Invalidation
Author(s): Becca Lory Hector

Recollections and reflections on the experiences of social and sensory invalidation as an autistic person

ISBN 9781915271365





What can experiences of social and sensory invalidation teach us about what in means to be autistic in a world created for the neuromajority?

Living as an undiagnosed autistic person in the loudest sensory city in the world, NYC, author Becca Lory Hector details her lived experience of social and sensory invalidation. Whether she refused to put on shoes, wore sunglasses inside, or asked direct questions, her very way of being was called into question, leading her to feel insignificant and unimportant. In a world created by and for the neuromajority, Becca’s needs took a back seat as others felt her reality couldn’t possibly be true.

Always Bring Your Sunglasses is a collection of stories filled with lessons on the importance of validating the lived experiences of all. This book is ideal reading for students of Disability Studies, Autism Studies, DEIB Studies, Social Work, Education Studies, Medical students and practitioners, as well as psychiatrists, teachers, and social support workers in practice and training.

Becca Lory Hector CAS, BCCS is an openly autistic professional on a mission to close the disability gap in leadership, by working with companies to attract and retain disabled talent via their DEIB initiatives. Becca was diagnosed autistic as an adult and has since become a dedicated autism and neurodiversity advocate, researcher, consultant, speaker, and author.

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