Stories of Black Female Identity in the Making
Queering the Love in Blackness
Author(s): Kadian Pow
An autobiographical exploration of how Black identity is constantly formed and reformed, along with intersections of gender and sexuality, and the place of love and self-love in the process
Collection: Black Studies
ISBN 9781915271464





How does the concept of love fit with Black identity?

When Black Lives Matter activist Marissa Johnson was pressed to address why she “hates white people”, she responded with this question: do you love Black people? This book is an exploration of the issues raised by this radical question – a refusal to centre Black identity on whiteness, a question of how love, and self-love, fit with Black identity, and a queering of how Black identity is understood.

Told through autobiographical reflection, this book contains the story of one Black woman’s process of iterative identity formation, grappling with the intersections of sexuality, gender, self-image, and love. Focusing on lived experience, the book places theories in context, exploring what ideas look like when applied to real life, making it invaluable reading for Black Studies and related courses.

Stories of Black Female Identity in the Making

Kadian Pow PhD is a Lecturer at the School of Social Sciences, Birmingham City University. A Jamaican-American ex-pat, she is now based in Birmingham, UK.

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