Seeking Treatment While Black
Living with Multiple Stigmatized Identities
A Black licensed clinical social worker describes how different facets of identity can intersect to produce multiple barriers to health and care – especially for Black people who seek treatment for mental illness.
ISBN 9781915271693

To be Black means facing racism and barriers to health. To live with mental illness means facing stigma and barriers to care. To be Black while living with mental illness means facing exponentially more.

In illuminating book, author Dr Kyaien Conner PhD explores the intersection of Blackness with behavioural or mental illness. Drawing from the author’s personal experience as a Black licensed clinical social worker, Seeking treatment while Black delves into the multiple and layered barriers to care that people can face, the stigma, and the resulting health disparities experienced by communities of color.

Crucial reading for students and practitioners alike, this book will illustrate and illuminate study and practice in disability studies, social work, Black studies, sociology, medicine, mental health settings, and policy settings.

Seeking Treatment While Black

Dr Kyaien Conner PhD is an Associate Professor of Mental Health Law and Policy at the University of South Florida and a licensed clinical social worker.

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