No Place for Autism?
Exploring the Solitary Forager Hypothesis of Autism in Light of Place Identity
Author(s): Jim Hoerricks

What is autism? A disability? A difference? The answer to this question varies from place to place and person to person – Dr Jim Hoerricks PhD explores.

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ISBN 9781915271815
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Disability or difference? How autism is understood varies from place to place.

Drawn from lived experience, this book explores the question of what autism is, and how it is best viewed in society. Dr Jim Hoerricks PhD – an academic and non-verbal autistic person – interrogates different models of disability, and considers how autism might be seen as a difference in human experience, in light of the need for accommodations and structural supports.

Positioning autism as both a set of traits and an identity, No place for autism? asks what can be done to give place for autistic people and communities.

1: Introduction
2: What is autism?
3: When is autism?
4: Where is autism?
5: Who is autistic?
6: Why autism?

Jim Hoerricks PhD (they/them) is a non-verbal autistic advocate, researcher, educator, and author. They are based in California, US, and currently work as a special education teacher.

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