More Sinned Against than Sinning
A Feminist Appraisal of Women in the British Criminal Justice System
Author(s): Becky Shepherd

Explore the British criminal justice system from the perspective of women – offenders, victims and survivors, and workers.

ISBN 9781915734471





What is the British criminal justice system like for women?

Informed by two decades of front-line practice in the probation service and the youth justice sector, author Becky Shepherd explores how the British criminal justice system (CJS) impacts on the lives of women, from a range of perspectives: criminalised women, women who are the victims of crime, and women who make up the criminal justice workforce.

With real-life case studies, this book is ideal reading for students of Criminal Justice and Criminology courses, Gender and Women’s Studies, Carceral or Incarceration Studies, and related courses; as well as those in practice or training to work in social services, the criminal justice system, and related services.

Becky Shepherd is a senior lecturer in criminology at London South Bank University (LSBU). Becky’s former career as a probation officer and youth justice worker enable her to see the human cost of racial disparity and multiple forms of social exclusion within the criminal justice system at first hand, as well as provide insight into the processes by which these continue to be perpetuated. Becky is currently completing her doctoral research into criminalised women’s life stories within a feminist framework.

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