Experiences of Being an Autistic Foster Care Giver Working with UK Social Services
“I thought there was something wrong with her…”
Author(s): Megan Tanner

Demonstrates how social workers and neuro-diverse foster carers can work together for the benefit of children in care.

ISBN 9781915734723





How can social workers and neuro-diverse foster carers collaborate to provide the best support for a child or teen in need?

Building strong relationships between social workers and neuro-diverse foster carers can be challenging. With professionals often having no experience working with Autistic adults, trust can be difficult to initiate, and problems can seem insurmountable. Drawing from her own lived experience as a neuro-divergent foster carer, Megan Tanner explains how barriers can be broken down to establish a successful partnership with one sole aim: to create the best possible outcome for a child or teen in need.

Working to remove pre-conceptions and judgement surrounding neuro-diverse foster carers, this book is ideal reading for students and practitioners of Social Work and related courses, Disability Studies, Autism and Autistic studies, DEIB studies, Psychology, and social work policy makers.

Megan Tanner is the Founder of Hear Their Roar charity and an NVR (Non-Violent Resistance) Parenting Consultant.

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