Music and Identities of Taiwanese Indigenous People
From Concert Hall to Museum Along Highway 9
Author(s): Chun-bin Chen

Explore Taiwanese Indigenous music through a narrative journey in places along Taiwan’s Highway 9

Collection: Asian Studies
ISBN 9781915734839





Is a museum the final destination of Indigenous peoples? Is the modern concert hall an unexpected place for Indigenous musicians to perform? Why may Indigenous people feel homesick in their home villages?

Through stories of musical experiences that have taken place along Taiwan’s Highway 9, Professor of Musicology Chun-bin Chen explores themes of Indigeneity, home and diaspora, hybridity, and modernity and history. Readers can follow on a musical journey from Taiwan’s National Concert Hall, along the Highway through two Pinuyumayan Indigenous villages, and to the National Museum of Prehistory.

Ideal reading for higher education students and scholars of Musicology, Cultural History, Indigenous Studies, Asian Studies, Taiwanese history, and related courses, this book considers how music can connect identities and peoples across spaces and time.

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