The Lived Experiences of New Mothers Attending Community Groups in Developing a Sense of Self and Belonging
Author(s): Amanda Norman

Develop understanding of how community groups can help shape the identity of new mothers

Collection: Gender Studies
ISBN 9781915734891





In what ways can attending community groups help to develop a sense of self and belonging for new mothers as they navigate parenthood?

Using examples of lived experiences from mothers past and present, Motherland invites readers to explore how community groups have shaped and supported the social identity of their members.

Author Amanda Norman considers maternal care beyond the home and the importance of listening to new mothers as they share their lived experiences. Motherland explores women’s community groups from historical and contemporary perspectives, and illustrates the power of a collective group and social identity in shaping mothers’ relationships with their infants and each other.

Reflecting on the power of social identity and the importance of community work in supporting parents and families, this book is ideal reading for students of Gender Studies and related courses, Healthcare, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Early Childhood Studies, and new parents.

Amanda Norman EdD is a Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies (Early Years) at the University of Winchester

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