Reparations Project
A Story of Friendship and Repair Work by Linked Descendants of Enslavement

Discover the intertwined histories and life stories of a descendant of enslavers and a descendant of the enslaved in rural Georgia.

Collection: Black Studies
ISBN 9781916704077

How can a Black man and white woman, linked by ancestries in enslavement, use their uniquely different pasts to create space for a common reparative path toward the future?

In 2019, Sarah Eisner contacted Randy Quarterman, the great-great-great-grandson of a man her great-great-great-grandfather had enslaved. Building a friendship allowed them to rediscover their family histories and reckon with their own life paths, which diverged and dovetailed to ultimately lead them back to Savannah, Georgia.

Together, they worked to preserve a plot of land deeded from Keller to Quarterman in 1890, which was still held by the Quarterman family but in danger of being taken by eminent domain. The two created The Quarterman & Keller Foundation and The Reparations Project with the goals of supporting Black education, Black land preservation, and Black art. A story of a challenging, close, and mutually healing friendship, this book is ideal reading for students of Black Studies, History, Civil Rights, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, History, and Politics.

Sarah Eisner and Randy Quarterman are Co-Founders of The Quarterman & Keller Foundation and The Reparations Project.

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