Can Social Entrepreneurship Work in the Rust Belt?
A Mom, a Dream, and a Declining Downtown
Author(s): Jennifer Brogee

Discover the challenges of social entrepreneurship success from a female founder and young mom in a declining downtown in the US rust belt

ISBN 9781916704107
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What lessons can be learned about social entrepreneurship success from a coffee shop founder in a declining downtown in the US rust belt?

Launching her coffee shop in a declining downtown in the US rust belt in 2003, entrepreneur and young mom Jennifer Brogee thought that a well written business plan and a social mission was the path to success. After being denied funding, she soon realized the many challenges she would face as a young woman and mother in business. Social Entrepreneurship in the Rust Belt documents Jennifer’s 20-year business evolution from startup to exploring new paths beyond the coffee shop. A business model with tight margins and high overheads, Jennifer details how she navigated the Great Recession, COVID and how she juggled multiple careers.

A story of independence and interdependence, this book is ideal reading for students of Business and Entrepreneurship, Gender Studies, and Cultural Studies as well as entrepreneurs and small business managers.

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