Multiracial Experience
One Man's Search for Race, Identity, and Family
Author(s): Steve Majors

Explore themes of identity, trauma, and family with the memoirs of Steve Majors, a queer and multi-racial man from the US.

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ISBN 9781916704169
  Pages 255





Join writer Steve Majors as he recounts his search for identity through race, family, generational trauma, queerness, and parenthood in this moving memoir.

The white-passing youngest son of a Black American family, journalist and author Steve Majors reflects on his life and experiences as a multi-racial queer man. A poignant narrative of identity formation, rejection, and re-formation, this moving memoir covers themes of generational trauma, abuse, race, sexuality, and family relationships.

Adapted for course reading from the original memoir High Yella, this book is ideal reading for higher education students of Black Studies, African American Studies, American Studies, Queer and LGBT+ Studies, Family Studies, and related courses in the social sciences.


Steve Majors is a former television news journalist who worked for media organizations such as NBC News and most recently for mission-driven national nonprofits. His essays on race, culture, and identity have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, and other outlets. Currently he serves as vice president of marketing for a national education nonprofit serving marginalized students. He lives in suburban Maryland with his family.

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