Holistic Language Instruction
Addressing Literacy in Standard and Non-Standard Populations
Author(s): Jim Hoerricks

Challenge the assumption that there is only one way for humans to learn language with this exploration of literacy within global education.

ISBN 9781916704466





**How can the flaws within the global education system be addressed to ensure all language learners are accommodated? **

Guided by lived experience, Holistic Language Instruction challenges the idea that there is only one way to learn a language. As 40% of learners struggle with language development, author Jim Hoerricks questions whether these students are disabled or if the system disables them by neglecting their unique language processing methods. Given that language processing differences have no connection with intellect, Hoerricks proposes that learners should be accommodated within the general population to enable their progress alongside peers, instead of being placed in a special education program or assigned to a speech and language professional.

Offering guidance for educators on how to foster literacy growth in all students, this book is ideal reading for students of Education Studies, Disability Studies and related courses, Speech and Language development, as well as teachers, education policy makers, and parents.

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