Cultivating Wellness in Black Neighborhoods
Establishing Philadelphia’s Deep Space Mind 215 Cooperative

Experience a year of grassroots practice and praxis development with the Black, Philadelphia-based mental health collective Deep Space Mind 215.

ISBN 9781916704886





In what ways do those with mental health challenges in Philadelphia work to support the mental health of themselves and their community outside the structures of Western medical models?

Drawing on personal reflections and emerging mental health solutions from co-op members of Deep Space Mind 215, authors Rashni Stanford and Carmel Brown examine how Black communities cultivate wellness in the midst of gun violence, post-Covid grief, and chronic disenfranchisement. Cultivating Wellness in Black Neighborhoods archives these learnings for others to replicate in their own communities.

Providing learnings through interviews and essays, this book is ideal reading for students of Black Studies, Disability Studies, Carceral Studies, Queer and LGBT+ Studies, Mad Studies, Social Work, and Cultural Anthropology.

Rashni Stanford is a social worker in Philadelphia, co-founder of Deep Space Mind 215, and a practicing psychotherapist.

Carmel Brown is a social scientist, researcher, and co-founder of Deep Space Mind 215.

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